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Home appliance packaging green channel

A variety of effects are getting better and better In the 21st century advocating for green, environmental protection will become the most basic requirement for home appliance products based on the market. Home appliance products are just like this, and home appliance packaging is also exceptiona-----

Digital printing of textiles

Digital printing of textiles refers to the production process of image design and output on various textiles using digital technology. Textiles can be all kinds of synthetic fabrics, cotton fabrics or silk fabrics of similar quality and texture to cotton fabrics. There are several ways of digital-----

PET recycling success stories

The VACUREMA recycling technology introduced by Erema of Austria has established a good position in the world market over the past few years, thanks to the positive experiences of many satisfied customers who used Erema's equipment and services (Figure 1). VACUREMA equipment has been available-----

Israel Neo Group's packaging design work (8)

HAWK DDShandong Number One Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd , http://www.onewowboards.com-----

Océ Launches Wide Format Printing System

On December 1, 2006, the Océ Group launched a global wide-format printing system, Océ TDS700. It can adapt to any customer environment and can be tailored to the customer's current and future needs. The customer can purchase the basic configuration system according to the actual product-----

Solvent-free composite cast polypropylene film

Patent Type: Utility Model Inventor: Jiang Wei; Ding Lin; Zhou Wei; Tong Jihua Applicant: Shanghai Wisteria Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address: 201108 Minxing Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Application No. X Application Date: 2005.04.29 Auditing Announcement Number: 2794-----

Cold sealant - winner of food packaging closure

Editor's note: Ice cream wins consumers' recognition with his unique taste, so that the industry wars that the ice cream makers staged in the industry have become increasingly fierce. The focus of everyone's attention has also shifted from the taste to his “wedding dress”â-----