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Sea glass lampshade handmade tutorial

Production Method: This is a lampshade made of blue-white sea glass and paper clay. After the power is turned on, the light passes through the blue glass, making people feel extraordinarily refreshed! Designed to provide travelers comfort, functionality, reliability,-----

Extraordinary bathtub highlights

Page 1: Extraordinary bathtub highlights Page 2: Extraordinary bathtub highlights I worked hard for a day and it was a good time to have a hot bath in the bathtub at night. But to get the most out of relaxation and enjoyment, you need to make the most of your imagination. Talented designers who m-----

The first mandatory national standard was implemented i…

On the 6th, the reporter visited a number of household goods markets in Fuzhou and found that many children's furniture stores posted the words “selling” and “concessions”, with discounts ranging from 30% to 10%. According to industry insiders, this is because China'-----

Home improvement paint coating is the most important en…

In home decoration, paint is difficult to avoid a part of, whether it is to buy solid wood furniture or furniture, paint furniture is always difficult to avoid, even if not painted furniture, wall and may be painted over. These inevitable materials may also give off strange tastes from time to time-----

Neat and elegant apartment design

Page 1: Neat and elegant apartment design Page 2: Neat and elegant apartment design This is a set of white Nordic apartments , white floors, white tables and chairs, white cabinets, seems to be in the country, this is incredible style, white to the extreme is also beautiful. It is easy to get dir-----

Pulp price continues to rise, cost pressure increases

[ppzhan summary] This week, the papermaking sector underperformed the broader market: this week, the papermaking sector fell 6.77%, while the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index fell 3.84%, the sector underperformed the broader market by 2.93 percentage points. The sector has weakened since the end of 2-----

Xiaobian teaches you how to buy mahogany furniture

Due to the large appreciation space of mahogany furniture , in recent years, there has also been a phenomenon of counterfeit goods flooding the market. Some unscrupulous merchants and lawless elements have racked their brains to rectify the truth and shoddy, which has interfered with the developmen-----