0TC Drug Packaging Design (Part 2)

2.5 The packaging and decorating design of decorative design medicines is not a simple graphic design. It needs to combine the structural features, colors, fonts and other factors of internal and external packaging innovations to achieve the unity of internal and

Fighting fear

There is no doubt that it is not easy to be a full-fledged On-sight leader. Deep-rooted fears and unpleasant crashes often make you unable to progress. Of course, to achieve the realm mentioned at the beginning of the article can be divided into several stages: from Leading on simple route

How to prevent stiff forearms - timely rest

Twenty meters above the climbing point on the route, only six meters from the top, the forearm stiff and swollen, his fingers slammed on a rotten spot that was difficult to rest, his hands were loosened at any time, and his desire to climb was growing The closer you are. At this point, you may

New Topological Pump Approved in Lanzhou

A new pump developed by Gansu Toppu Pump Co., Ltd., which is a new type of pump, has passed the appraisal in Lanzhou recently. The successful development of the topological pump is a major scientific breakthrough in the development of water-saving agriculture in C

Analysis of Principle of Screen Printing Direct Plate System

Editor's note: In recent years, Offset CTP (Computer to Prate) has become a hot topic in the printing industry. In fact, in the field of screen printing, there is also a computer-to-plate technology. That is, there is no need for film printing. The computer

Wild riding safety problem solving method

1: The speed can not be too fast, comply with traffic regulations. 2: Prepare medicines and bicycle maintenance tools for your trip. 3: Pay attention to common diseases. Mosquito bites, diarrhea, bloating, fever, heat stroke, and toothache may be difficult to escape from the outdoors. (1)

How do new people carry out bouldering exercises

Many rock climbing beginners are now approaching and practicing rock climbing at the bouldering hall. Although the bouldering routes are generally relatively short, if you have a good grasp of the methods, you can also make the increase in skills and endurance as if you were practicing on a hi

Maybe, there is no higher mountain than people

Today I read discussion posts about the team members' level and the climbing spirit of the two teams. Maybe they are all valuable topics and just talk about personal feelings.

One of them is that if there is a problem with the physical strength or equipment of the P5 Taichung pers

Taiwan developed negative ion plastic material

San Francisco-based company in Taiwan has recently launched a newly developed negative ion plastic material. Unlike negative ion products on the market, which use electricity to generate negative ions, this new material uses friction to generate negative ions, whi

Developed new synthetic nylon raw materials technology

The Supercritical Fluid Research Center of the Japan Research Institute of Industrial Technology and Technology recently developed a technology for efficiently synthesizing nylon raw materials such as cyclohexanol and cyclohexanone from phenol with high efficiency

"Green Packaging"

"Green Packaging", as the popular term for environmentally friendly packaging materials and products, is being accepted by the majority of users, but there are also many misunderstandings in practice. To develop "green packaging" and reduce the