Analysis of markings during printing

Printing in the field is critical, and there is almost nothing more dazzling than a rough field. The roughness formed by the bright spots and dark spots in the printed field is called a stripe. The factors that cause this may be ink, paper, printing conditions

Factors affecting the quality of coating

Paper performance

The effect of paper on coating quality is mainly reflected in the effect of paper smoothness on coating quality. The paper with high smoothness has remarkable effect after polishing, and the paper or paperboard with low smoothness

How much is the packaging offset? (81-87)

81. What is the principle of plate making in the positive PS version?

The positive Ps version uses a photodegradable diazonium compound as the light-sensitive material, which is printed on the positive plate as the original plate. When the blank part is

The characteristics of flexible packaging materials

After the goods are packaged, they are required to protect the goods, prevent quality changes, and ensure quality. After printing, they must play the role of beautifying the goods, explaining the goods, and promoting the goods. During the entire distribution pr

VI-standard color design

The standard color is a designated color that is used to symbolize the characteristics of a company or a product, and is a symbol, a standard font, and a special color for promotional media.

In the overall color scheme of corporate information transmissio

Finishing Technology Solution Innovation

In order to be invincible in today's increasingly fierce competition, more and more printing companies are seeking a way to provide more services and meet more customer needs. Many companies are focused on customer service, print quality and production cost

Introduction to climbing stoves Read more>>

The importance of climbing stoves for a climber cannot be ignored.


The fuel of stoves can be divided into three major categories based on chemical composition:

A: Liquid bear gas: including methane, ethane, propane, butane, and so on.

B: Fuel oil: Includ

Screen printing UV ink technology problems and countermeasures

1, printed products have bubbles

Additives and unmatched diluents cannot be easily added in UV inks. If this happens during normal use, please contact the manufacturer for assistance.

2. Screen sticking substrate when printing

If the vis

China's Printing Ink Enterprises Market Development Survey Sixth

Hangzhou Hanghua Ink Chemical Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Hanghua Ink Chemical Co., Ltd. is jointly funded by China Hangzhou Chemical Holding Group Co., Ltd., Bank of China Zhejiang Branch and Japan T&K TOKA Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 13.7 millio

Research on Nano-polymer Composites

At present, the traditional plastics industry is facing an unprecedented impact, especially the plastics industry is the first to bear the brunt. The industry is required to have a considerable degree of improvement in both the technical level and product quali