Self-provisioning of gold and silver ink in plastic gravure printing

In the process of plastic gravure printing, gold and silver solvent gravure ink is a kind of pigment special ink. The special hue is required. The metal texture is strong, and it is mostly spot ink. Therefore, as a printing staff, it is necessary to seriously u

New tinplate packaging container

New tinplate packaging container (CN2571683Y)

The new type of tinplate packaging container relates to a packaging container which enhances the strength of tinplate tinplate packaging container bottom lid and top lid. The packaging container is composed

Metal packaging cans quality video detector

Metal packaging cans quality video detector (2460988)

The patented metal packaging can seal quality video detector consists of a chassis, a power source fixed on the chassis, a camera with a video output line, a connecting sleeve connected with the came

Kodak to Launch Prepress System Designed for Trademark Market

Kodak GCG Image Communication Group plans to launch its latest prepress system designed for the trademark market at the European Trademark Expo in Brussels on September 21-24.

According to Kodak GCG, the new product is designed to help trademark and fle

New Handwriting for Newcomers - Climbing Primer [Photos]

Write in front:

In the past six months, more and more friends have joined the ranks of rock climbing enthusiasts, which has made our ranks growing stronger. This is really gratifying. At the same time, there are still many friends watching and eager to try, but they d

Screen Printing Solutions (1-10)

1. What should be done before the net screen is made before the screen is stretched? What is included in pre-network processing?

A: The pre-grid treatment consists of roughening and degreasing.

A. Polyester (PET) weakly polar materials are rou

Resistance to double high temperature packaging came into being

The food packaging group Menasha has successfully launched a series of patented food baking, packaging and selling containers for the baking industry, including the first wrinkle baking packaging vessel that withstands double high temperatures (high heat in con

Environmental ink development and application (1)

Today, with the development of science and technology and the explosion of knowledge, the printing industry has achieved unprecedented development. Various kinds of books, periodicals, newspapers, commercial prints, and various kinds of exquisite packaging enri

The use and maintenance of stovesRead more>>

Common steps for proper use of MSR and PEAK-1:

The use of MSR steps:
Inject oil to the oil bottle full of oil line, about 7-8 minutes full; screw the seal to the oil bottle, but not too tight, first inflate 3-7, check the movement Pu no oil; open Furnace tripod and connect the

Influence of Printing Process on Print Quality (Part 2)

Third, a piece of proofing and printing

The filming, also called output, includes several processes such as RIP dispensing, photo-exposure film exposure and rinsing, and inspection. Controlling this process with data and standardization is an