A user-friendly bottle and cap thread assembly

Patent Name A user-friendly bottle and cap thread assembly Patent applicant Bisson & Sons Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Hertfordshire, UK Rickmansworth Denham Road Hertford Building Inventor R ·M·Kin Application (Patent) No. 02827141.6 Applicatio

Soft stopper

Patent Name Soft Cork Patent Applicant Pang Hua Primary Applicant Address 473000 Inventor of Nanyang TV Advertising Center, No. 56 Binhe Road, Nanyang, Henan Province Pang Dong; Pang Hua Application (Patent) No. 200410010139.0 Date of Application 2004.03.19 Certif

Bottle body, bottle and thread forming device

Patent Name Bottle Body, Bottle, and Thread Forming Device Patent Applicant Mitsubishi Maza Riyal Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Tokyo, Japan Inventor Hawao Tatsuya; Ito Takaichi; Hosei Masahiro; Tadashi Naoki Application (patent) No. 02826132.1 Application

Blister packaging supplies

Patent Name Blister Packing Product Patent Applicant Honeywell International Principal Applicant Address US New Jersey Inventor J.B Bloom; S.E. Luciano Application (Patent) No. 03814651.7 Date of Application 2003.04.24 Approval Date Approval No. 1662372 Verificati

Graphic Whizard Launches Impact Indentation System

Graphic Whizard's Creasemaster indentation system performs impact creasing on the material prior to folding to avoid the problem of digital print color breaks. The system can process various types of substrates with a basis weight of 385 g/m2, a web size of 18

How to observe the number of printed dots

The number of outlets includes the points of Yin and Yang. Yang dot refers to the size of the black dot on the print, while the negative dot is the size of the white dot in the solid (transparent) part. Assume now that square dot printing is used as an example. Be

News ink features

News ink refers to printing inks used in rotary press rotary letterpress machines. Generally used to produce monochrome newspapers, magazines and books. The black news ink contains 10% to 15% carbon black, 5% to 10% vegetable oil type varnish, and the rest is m

PET bottle with nylon barrier

For the first time, France’s Perrier Mineral Water Company introduced lightweight PET bottled mineral water to the market. This 0.5-1 L green bottle was prepared by Germany-based Schemabach-Lubeca and is currently serving in France, the United Kingdom, B

Glenroy Develops Great White Flexible Packaging Film

Glenroy, which manufactures flexible packaging films for gift samples, has developed Great White flexible packaging films to solve color quality problems that are plaguing people. “Many customers have difficulties in achieving the whitest background and the

Successfully developed foreign meat packaging technology

Meat packaging technology directly affects the duration of meat preservation and meat quality. At present, foreign countries have popularized vacuum packaging technology for meat packaging, but the color of meat tends to become deep red, which often discourages co

Douglas Introduces New ContourTM Series

Douglas introduced the new ContourTM Series S-30 shrinkwrappers and VelocityTM servo carton stackers. The former includes a number of innovative technologies for pending patents, of which the variable-size heating tunnel has excellent thermal and airflow manage