Russia develops new fluorine rubber

The Russian Kirov-Lipetsk chemical company plans to increase the production of fluororubber varieties and develop new fluororubber varieties CKF-26, CKF-264 and CKF-264B.

The performance of fluoroelastomers is superior to that of ordinary rubbers and th

Greinda Macbeth announces vipPAQ system

Packaging printers now have a new solution - an efficient online monitoring system installed on the printing production line - vipPAQ, released by the GreindaMacbeth company vipPAQ is the world's only online embedded density color measurement system, can Me

Chinese packaging should have Chinese style

Marinko Boshnyak, head of the Central Import and Export Corporation of Yugoslavia, said: Chinese goods are favored in Nanbei because of their exquisite workmanship and low prices. In particular, Chinese silk, porcelain sets, carpets and handicrafts are more

How to Scale PageMaker Graphical File Arbitrarily

When creating the cover and text of a periodical magazine, it is common to encounter graphic and textual documents that require enlargement or reduction. However, many texts are placed in PageMaker. It does not have software points like FreeHand. It can select

CFS launches its first vertical packaging machine

Hygienic standards in the food industry are constantly increasing. However, HACCP analysis has shown that not only raw materials are a problem, but equipment used in food production is also a problem. As a result, only the best health and quality concepts of each

Easy to maintain volume drive

The Uhing Model RGK3—20—0 roll traversing roll drive developed by Amacoil Company can be used for general winding operations. The product is characterized by its ability to maintain its various basic retractable roll operations while maintaining a

Application of Waterborne Varnish and Problems to Be Noted (I)

First, what is printing

The so-called printing glazing is the surface of the replica that has been completely printed in the graphic and text printing process. The printing plate is printed once or twice with a solid printing plate or a