Label Printing Technology (I)

The in-mold label is processed on the surface with PP or PE synthetic paper, and a special label paper processed with a special hot-melt adhesive on the back is printed and made into a trademark. Use a robot hand to suck up the printed label and place it in the

Magnetic ink printing, digital watermarking (below)

Digital watermark anti-counterfeiting new trick

With the development of digitalization and networks, the infringement, piracy and arbitrary alteration of digital products have become increasingly serious. A technology that helps copyri

Combination printing (1)

As the name implies, combined printing is a combination of multiple types of printing. The printing processes of different printing and post-press processing have been completed on the same production line. This is the way of printing (such as plastic film or othe

Basic knowledge of corona treatment to improve ink adhesion (2)

Third, corona treatment

The corona treater consists of an electrode, a high potentiometer, and a take-off guide roller. When the voltage exceeds the ionization resistance of the air gap of 1-2 mm, continuous discharge occurs, and the di

The concept of ink viscosity and ink consistency are not the same

The viscosity and consistency of the ink are related to the flow and transfer properties of the ink, and the two affect each other. The viscosity and consistency of the ink are different concepts. There is a certain difference between the two. The “sticky

How to deal with wastewater in flexographic printing

Due to the increasingly stringent control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in atmospheric regulations, many flexographic printing plants are turning to water-based ink technologies to reduce the volatilization of organic materials. As the production of wate

Basic Principles of Printing and Drawing of Stamps (Part Two)

The basics of drawing

Faithful to the manuscript is the basic principle that should be followed when scanning and adjusting the length. External image files must first be typed digitally, and then adjust the image file data. After repea

Russia develops new fluorine rubber

The Russian Kirov-Lipetsk chemical company plans to increase the production of fluororubber varieties and develop new fluororubber varieties CKF-26, CKF-264 and CKF-264B.

The performance of fluoroelastomers is superior to that of ordinary rubbers and th

Greinda Macbeth announces vipPAQ system

Packaging printers now have a new solution - an efficient online monitoring system installed on the printing production line - vipPAQ, released by the GreindaMacbeth company vipPAQ is the world's only online embedded density color measurement system, can Me