Argentina Develops New Fruit Preservation Packaging Method

Abandoning traditional cold storage methods to increase the shelf life of fruit products allows fruit exporters to sell nutritious fruits to more demanding foreign markets. Recently, Argentinian food engineering scientists have successfully developed a new meth

Phosphoric acid - aluminum hydroxide adhesive formula


Component dosage /g component dosage /g
Aluminum hydroxide 10g Phosphoric acid 100mL

Preparation and curing First take 10mL of phosphoric acid and aluminum hydroxide to fully stir, and then the remaining 90mL of phosphoric acid

Well-equipped new die-cutting machine

The UK's die-cutting machine manufacturer, BAYSEK, announced to the industry their new machine, the CUTTER AFORD flat-automation automatic die-cutting machine with automatic paper feed and optical register.

The CUTTER AFORD die-cutting machine was d

Quick-drying ink speeds up production of printing jobs (top)

Additives can speed up the production of print jobs without the need to add slip sheets to prevent the prints from sticking or to perform aqueous glazing.

Printing workshop

For decades, printing companies have been looking for ways to

Schumann's single sheet/paper corona machine

GDR1000 single-sheet corona treater is suitable for processing PP, PE, PVC, PET and other sheet materials. The treated surface tension can reach 40-60 dyne/cm. It can be printed, coated, glued, and vacuumed. , coating and other processes. The machine has functi

Research on global market for resin and ink resin industry

The high cost of raw materials, the shortage of key ingredients, and the tightening of profit margins are as severe for ink and resin manufacturers.

As with most of the basic raw materials for the ink industry last year, resin costs have skyrocketed. Th

Steel Tanks: Packaging Materials Best for Recycling

The World Steel Association's Packaging Committee has calculated that an estimated 5.2 million tons of steel tanks were recycled and remelted into new steel products in 2003. This shows that the recovery rate by weight percentage reaches 62.7% of the steel

Highly transparent barrier beer bottle

Netstal has introduced a high-yield PET-LINE 96N injection molding machine (with a 96-cavity injection mold) that can provide completely transparent barrier layers in accordance with customer requirements, and is particularly suitable for the production of various

Agfa will display digital media across the board at All In Print

Agfa is adhering to the consistent concept of innovation, combined with the concept of green environmental protection, launched a series of significant innovation, environmental protection digital version. These include the green chemical-free version of Azura

Introduction of characteristics of liquid crystal microcapsule ink

Liquid crystal inks are prepared by dispersing liquid crystals, additives and the like enclosed in microcapsules in a binder. The liquid crystal ink does not constitute a color image with a pigment. It is a kind of liquid crystal that causes changes in the alig