About the screen soft proofing

Question one, the relationship between screen color management and printing process?

Do color management, do a good job in the printing process, because the stability of the printing process directly affects the effect of pre-press color management, be

New method for surface decoration of metal products

Common methods for surface decoration of metal products

There are various ways to make patterns and patterns on the surface of metal products. There are various kinds of decorative films or stickers on the surface of metal products. The

Textile inkjet technology

Some experts predict that ink-jet printing technology will open up a new window for textile printing, and it will make great achievements in the new century that highlights personalization. At present, inkjet printing technology has been applied to clothing, ho

TrekSta PAMIRS-GTX IST Walking Shoes Test Report

The product that I am testing for the Greenfield Equipment Test Group is PAMIRS-GTX IST hiking shoes produced by TrekSta, Korea's largest hiking shoe manufacturer. The market price is very strange, at 1078 yuan. Look at its basic technical indicators:

C&P Microsystems's Microcip software

C&P Microsystems's Microcip software marks the technological innovation of cutting automation. Its main technical innovation content: Standard CIP3 and CIP4 files automatically generate cutting programs; directly generate cutting data from CIP files, re

Large-format digital opportunities

A few years ago, the traditional screen printing technology was still the protagonist of the large-format advertising market. When digital inkjet technology emerged, the market conditions changed. When some screen printers feel the threat of digital printing te

Green design of industrial design trends (below)

The main content of the three green designs

The core of green design can be summarized as "3R", namely Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. When an industrial designer (designer) conducts a green design practice, he can proceed from the

PF2523 Automatic EMS Express Envelope Making Machine

PF2523 Automatic EMS Express Envelope Making Machine is a special requirement of EMS Express Envelope for Zhenjiang Modern Printing Machinery Factory. Based on its own 10 years of envelope (flat bag) machine production experience, it absorbs advanced foreign te

Outer packaging structure of battery

Application (patent) No. CN200520113481.3 Filing date: 2005.07.07 Name: Outer packaging structure of battery is disclosed (announcement) No.: CN2772035 Publication (publication) day: 2006.04.12 Main classification number: H