Postpress processing of adhesive products

In order to protect the quality of self-adhesive labels and the quality of labels, many surface coatings have been selected for lamination, glossing, and bronzing.

First, sticker UV coating

The glazing process

Magical point-line cutting method to improve cutting quality

In the traditional collision table, the tail of the printed sheet is usually a vertical line, but sometimes the printed sheet is irregularly jagged. It is also very accurate to observe the front and the back of the sheet. How can we cut the rules? Through caref

The Trend of FM Screening (II)

The criteria for selection are the same as those for AM screening, but the following flexible applications are highly recommended.

Staccato 10

Product Catalogs, Atlases, Paintings, Postcards, etc.

The latest advances in aseptic packaging

Aseptic Packaging refers to the use of aluminum foil as a barrier material to form a rectangular carton pack with a straw suction hole (drinking soda). Now, aseptic packaging has developed rapidly with the research and improvement of various packaging materials

Commonly used five major ink characteristics and application areas 2

4 Application of Nano-Zinc Oxide in Coatings Nano-zinc oxide is a new type of high-functional and fine inorganic product facing the 21st century. Its particle size is between 1 and 100 nm, also known as ultra-fine zinc oxide. Nano-zinc oxide has special propert

Home appliance packaging green channel

A variety of effects are getting better and better

In the 21st century advocating for green, environmental protection will become the most basic requirement for home appliance products based on the market. Home appliance products are just like this, and

Digital printing of textiles

Digital printing of textiles refers to the production process of image design and output on various textiles using digital technology. Textiles can be all kinds of synthetic fabrics, cotton fabrics or silk fabrics of similar quality and texture to cotton fabric

PET recycling success stories

The VACUREMA recycling technology introduced by Erema of Austria has established a good position in the world market over the past few years, thanks to the positive experiences of many satisfied customers who used Erema's equipment and services (Figure 1).