Characteristics of the bark and trunk material surface

The use of bark to identify wood has its limitations, but it is important to identify logs on site (such as logging, lumberyards, and mills).

(1) Bark and wood contact surface (referred to as skin bottom)

1. Wood ray is characterized by grooves caused

Haidian reloads 50 beverage bottle cans during the year

The reporter recently learned from the Haidian District Government that this year Haidian District will install 50 beverage bottle and cans automatic recycling machines in shopping malls, supermarkets and other public places and schools.

It is understood that Haidian District Recyclin

Simple way to buy solid wood flooring

At present, in the decorative materials market, the variety of floor coverings can be described as numerous, among which the solid wood flooring is favored by consumers because of its high quality and high grade. Here, you can introduce some methods of purchasing solid

Pay attention to the Chinese furniture before buying

Chinese classical furniture has a high value and value-added, but think twice before buying.

Think: Why buy it?

If you want to buy a piece of classical furniture, you must first understand what is your motivation to buy, why buy it? The concept of class

6 Reasons for Inconsistent Actual Proofing Colors

The color management software generally includes a printer's ICC file and a printed ICC file. The ICC file benchmarks for printers used by different color management software are different, so printer ICC files cannot be common across software.


True and false Hainan huanghuali identification several tricks

Hainan huanghuali wood crafts on the market are expensive, but there are not many real Hainan huanghuali. In order to help friends who like Hainan huanghuali to distinguish between true and false Hainan huanghuali, the simple and easy identification methods are as foll

Ten of the most overlooked decoration problems

Everyone who has experienced the renovation of the living room will have the experience that the decoration is tantamount to a hard labor. In just a few months, in order to realize his various ideas, he almost took off a layer of skin. But in the end, there are still s

New home eliminates formaldehyde four steps

In recent years, home health problems have become more and more concerned by the people, but many people still do not understand what to do after buying a house and decoration to have a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly home. To this end, the reporter consulte

Kitchen with renewable wood renovation

Ecological consumption, a fashion?

A current internationally popular way to save the planet is: sleeping linen sheets, wearing organic cotton denim (a set of $245) and biodegradable shirts. The kitchen is decorated with renewable wood, the garage is medium in s