Which products can occupy the “stack” in the store?

But when you enter the hypermarket, the first thing that attracts the attention of consumers is the various piles that occupy the right place and the right place. For suppliers, everyone wants their products to be sold on the shelves. However, due to the limited number

How to Correctly Select High Quality End Bands and Tear Tapes

With the exception of the use of raw materials, the end of the belt and the tearing tape, the machine used and the production process are almost the same. All are heated extrusion, blown film cooling, slitting cutting, heating extension, using the ratio of the

Engraving Printing Guangling Ancient Engraving Agency 4 Experts

Many of the "Jiangsu Week" performances and "intangible" exhibitions are also from Yangzhou. The reporter learned yesterday that Yangzhou engraving and printing, Yangzhou lacquerware, Yangzhou paper-cutting and other traditional Yangzhou crafts

Pepsi will increase beverage bottle utilization through incentives

Pepsi recently issued two announcements announcing new measures to reduce the environmental impact upstream and downstream of the value chain. The traditional approach to environmental protection focuses on well-known operations within the “four walls”. However, like other lead

Overview of solid wood doors, introduction to solid wood doors

“What is a solid wood door?”, “What kind of door can be considered a solid wood door?”, “Is the solid wood door a raw wooden door?”

The concept of solid wood doors:

Solid wood door means that the material used to make

Discussion on New Technology of Bronzing

1 Background

Energy conservation and emission reduction is an eternal theme of a national sustainable development strategy. In recent years, with the rise of the environmental protection printing trend, printing technologies for energy s

Blanket: an indispensable printing consumable

Blanket is simply a special consumable in offset printing. Although it is not as well known as ink paper or equipment, people who really have a deeper understanding of the line or have a thorough understanding of offset will realize its significance. . In particul

Multilayer TPE technology to improve packaging appearance and feel

The world's leading manufacturer of high-performance customized thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), GLS Thermoplastic Elastomers division of PolyOne's Specialty Engineered Materials business announced earlier that it will team up with Kautex Plastics Technolo

Some environmentalists call for: Replace plastic bottles with aluminum cans

The English word for “cans” is CAN. As we all know, CAN has another meaning in English: “energy”. This represents an attitude, a capability, and a desire. In the face of low plastic life, we can say it out loud, YES, WE CAN!

Since the opening of the Shanghai

Crying honeycomb hexagonal shaped honey bottle

Recently, a hexagonal honeycomb glass bottle produced by Ardagh has been adopted by Rowse's flagship products, which include Taste Adventures, Manuka, Beekeepers Select and the new Supahoney series. Brandopus redesigned honey bottles and logos for Wellness Food's Rowse Honey line. …