Sephora's autumn makeup is distinguished

Despite entering the summer, SEPHORA Sephora has presented you the 2011 “Royal Royal Blue” autumn makeup. The sleek and elegant blue has replaced the vibrant summer powder and become the main color of autumn fashion makeup. Spen

Danish Old City Museum: A Living History Book

History is difficult to replicate. Many cultural relics will not be restored once they are destroyed. For this reason, the significance of the Danish “old city” is so special. It not only shows the history and customs of Den

Winter melon heat-clearing heat detoxification effect

The melon is delicate and tender, fresh and delicious. Its skin has a layer of powdery white wax and is shaped like a pillow. It is also known as "white melon" and "pillow melon". It is called "Geoderma". "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" records that

"Not strong" "sad" couple bed

This very "unsound" bed consists of two main parts. When the lover sleeping on the top sleeps, the two hearts of the bed will fit together; if the two people do not care for each other, Sleeping back to the bed, the red heart of the bed will split.

Causes and Solutions of Curl after Printing Thin Paper

In the process of cutting thin paper sheets (such as dictionary sheets, etc.), curling and warping of printed sheets frequently occur, which affects the progress and quality of the cutting process. The main reason for the analysis is that the water content of the

Master the focus to create natural and elegant makeup

Girls always want to have a charming face, but also show the natural effect, recommend the girl's favorite makeup , full of brown eye makeup and orange blush that can represent the health, you can wear natural false eyelashes. Easily cr

Direct imaging plate technology

In the next two decades, most of the world's ordinary commercial printing will be based on sheetfed offset printing, but those who think that the traditional way to win the competition is wrong, because The times are improving and technology is constantly bein

Summer skin relief trick

In the summer when the temperature is unbearable, the skin is prone to sunburn, allergies, excessive oil secretion and other symptoms. Don't rush to buy countless skin care products to SOS. It turns out that you can't find out the situation and buy it, it will make you " More a

Colorful fishtail makeup is full of romantic feelings

Chanel2011 spring and summer Haute Couture show makeup, although it has passed, full of romantic feelings and colorful fishtail makeup has left a profound impact, compared to Dior's colorful eye makeup and dramatic eye makeup, Chanel th

Seven healthy ways to eat milk

The milk is sweet and slightly cold, and it has the effects of thirst, nourishing the intestines, clearing heat and laxative, and nourishing the spleen. The proper processing of milk, or other foods were formulated together, it can be made into a variety of "therapeutic milk.&q