Opportunity for packaging of essential oil bottles

A few days ago, Zhonghua Packaging Network had already talked about the cosmetic bottle information for several issues. Well, today we will talk about the essential oil bottle information. According to market statistics, the current domestic cosmetics

Secret 5 major hidden rules to block the pace of the years

The age of youth is gradually disappearing in front of the office computer. The title of "mature woman" seems to be getting closer and closer to me! However, the makeup needs to remain young, and the years are left to leave traces. Look at the edi

Beauty reveals Japan MM favorite skin care products TOP5

I want to know what cosmetics are used in Japan MM. I want to know what are the most popular skin care products in Japan? Do you have a wide range of Japanese skin care products to let you pick your eyes? Japanese girls voted for their easy-to-use and affordable open skin care products TOP5

The future furniture industry will be "big"

The Americans in Texas are so ignorant of what they call an understatement, so when Mark Williamson begins to describe his sofa, what we feel is a unique “Dezhou Depth”: it is the most sensible choice, it is Love seat that can't talk. The sofa is placed in the home of Mark&#

Wood Knowledge - Sapele

Sapele (Sapele)

Name: Sapele (Red Shadow Wood) (scientific name: Entandrophragma cylindricum);

Type: hardwood;

Alias: Scented Mahogany, Aboudirko, Penkwa, Muyovu, Libuyu, Sapele Mahogany;

Distribution area: West Afric

Is solid wood furniture really healthy?

Solid wood furniture and natural may not necessarily be equated. Zhao Shoutian, director of the Redwood Professional Branch of the China Furniture Association, pointed out that due to the scarcity of many woods, the use of whole boards, that is, a large piece of wood to make solid wood furn

Packaging glue with glue solvent

Due to the chemical nature of polyurethane adhesives, solvents containing water, alcohols, amines, esters, etc., that contain active hydrogen or reactive groups are not allowed to be used in the formulation of glues, but only high purity esters, ketones, hydrocarb

Blanket size

l. Total thickness: The thickness of domestic blankets is the same as that of similar foreign products, with a total thickness of 1.80-1.90 mm. There are also a small number of blankets with a total thickness of 1.60 to 1.70 mm. It is composed of three layers of b

Special attention - dreams • goals

Nietzsche once said that people can only find a reason to survive in order to withstand any situation. His so-called "reasons for survival" is what we often call "life goals" or "dreams." In fact, once a person begins to understand things, it seems that they will h