Chicken interferon (IFN-α) ELISA kit instruction manual

Chicken interferon (IFN-α) ELISA kit instruction manual
This kit is for research use only.
Drug Name:
Generic name: Chicken Interferon (IFN-α) ELISA Kit
purpose of usage:
This kit is used to determine the content o

New method for rapid detection of influenza A virus is available

A research team at Kagoshima University in Japan used the mechanism of H1N1 influenza virus infection in humans as an entry point to develop a new method for rapid detection of influenza A virus.

The research team recently published a communique that says that the H1N1 influenza vi

Escort for copyright-copy-protected encrypted CD copying machine

As everyone's understanding of copyright protection deepens, relevant copy manufacturers have also adopted some encryption technologies to prevent Others from copying at will. However, replication manufacturers require large batches and high costs. For indiv

Parasite section

Medical Parasitology MP001 Blood Trypanosoma smear MP002 Plasmodium vivax loading MP003 Plasmodium falciparum loading MP004 Toxoplasma gondii trophozoite loading MP005 Gangtoxoplasma gondii oocyst loading MP006 Clonorchis sinensis adult worm loading Piece MP007 Clonorchis sinensis egg piece

Baby CPR Simulator

This product adopts the American Heart Association (AHA) 2005 International Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & Cardiovascular First Aid (ECC) Guidelines Standards, and is the first to develop an economical sixth specifically for the popularization of social cardiopulmonary resuscitat

Full-function nursing training simulator (female)

Full-function nursing training simulator (female)

This model is made from imported plastic materials and cast through a stainless steel mold. It has the characteristics of realistic image, real operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, standard structure, and durable. It is a

Crosslinking agent for low viscosity printing ink

Printing inks are often divided into high viscosity paste inks and low viscosity liquid inks according to their viscosity values. The most common paste inks are offset printing inks and screen printing inks. The viscosity of inks such as gravure ink, flexographic ink and news ink is very l

Rat Cytochrome C (Cyt-C) ELISA Kit Instructions

Instruction Manual for Rat Cytochrome C (Cyt-C) ELISA Kit
This kit is only for in vitro research!
Intended application
Quantitative determination of cytochrome C (Cyt-C) in rat tissue homogenate or other related biological flui

Troubles and solutions of positioning parts of offset press

During the operation of the offset press, failure of its positioning components will cause various problems in the printing of the product, and the most direct result will be inaccurate overprinting of the printed product. There are many situations of faults in positioning components, main

DRx-1 rubber thermal conductivity (hot wire method).

I. Overview:

The thermal conductivity of materials is an important parameter index for studying the physical properties of materials. In the aviation, atomic energy, construction materials, non-metallic materials and other industrial sectors, the thermal conductivity of related mat