Prepress issues summary (3)

Prepress output problems

Recently I saw a lot of friends asking questions about the output of India. I'm here to talk about my own experience and opinions. I hope to give some friends help. This post is just a prepress issue for CDs.
In the processing of cd pictures, the PSD and TIF diagrams are generally imported into the CD. Except that the PSDs that have not been merged into one layer can be observed through the attribute information after the CD is imported, the other (1) and merged PSDs (2) are not The merged TIF (3) merged TIF 3 images cannot be distinguished after the CD is imported.
Because of the imported PSD diagram, after the CD has been rotated, mirrored, resized, and tilted, it is easy to appear broken when it is out of the picture. Therefore, the picture in the CD must be rotated as long as it is rotated. Bitmaps are the most secure. Precise cutting of the bitmap in the frame is also a matter of paying attention to the above problem, but also pay attention to whether the frame and the picture are locked, if not, then please lock.
Generally, the bitmaps with drop shadows do not need to be rotated. Only the rotations, tilts, etc. can be turned. When turning, the images and shadows are selected together.

The RGB picture is generally only required to change the mode, but it is only necessary to rotate the bitmap after performing the above operations such as rotation. In the attribute information of the object, if you find that the value of Resolution 2 is different, then it is possible to tilt and change the size of the two actions after the image is imported. At this time, you only have the problem of transposing the image.

Through the above analysis, I summarized the processing methods before and after the image aspect, a total of 5 points:
1, pictures and images with shadows as long as the rotation of the rotation of the map, the mirror image of the bitmap
2, the attribute information in the two different values ​​of the image index map
3, the picture in the precise crop frame is rotated, and the resolution is different.
4, RGB diagram In addition to the above cases, transposing the map, you can directly transfer to CMYK mode (do not turn the RGB map all together, because there may be a picture is not on a layer, transfer may have some strange problems)
5, the use of the filter image bitmap (pay attention to the original image after the change is too large)
The problem of graphics is relatively less, and the most important issue is the transparency problem. Graphics with transparent effects are prone to problems when the film is produced. Therefore, if you encounter transparent graphics, it is better to turn it into a bitmap, and it is perfectly safe. But sometimes, when there are thousands of pictures in a file that use transparent graphics, it is best to select a few representative graphics and turn them into bitmaps. If there is no big change in the graphics, such as something lost after the transfer, I advise you to cross the heart without turning. (In fact, I don't generally have transparent graphics)
When the graphics use other effects, he does not care about him. Do not turn the map!
The problem with fonts is more
1 art characters, needless to say, of course, to change the curve.
2 Fonts with the GB2312 font cannot be used. Such fonts will appear hollow when the strokes are crossed after the curve is converted. The above situation can also occur in the case of Fang Zhengmei’s blackout curve.
3 Sometimes the system will misrepresent the difference, but after playing the file, if the save button is gray, it means that the font is not bad (if it is not, after the font is installed honestly)
4 When the font changes to the curve, it means that the exact cropping frame contains artwork. Pay attention.
5 paragraph text. It should be noted that the text in the text box is not fully displayed (it is easy to neglect)
6 Next is the most troublesome issue. Please open your eyes. When the text is input, it is the space typed in the full-width state. Then you will find that the text you typed has not been written out. Please open the file carefully and search for it using the search word. You will find that there is a place to display the search for art, but it is all in a row. . This is the problem that the fonts appearing in the space entered in the full-width state disappear. The only solution is to use the Chinese and English fonts to see what the original word is, and then restore the text. If the characters are not displayed when viewed in Chinese and English fonts, it means there are only spaces and no words. DEL can be deleted.
Font effect processing method
1 With a zipper, the word of the envelope is ignored and the curve is changed directly.
2 Contour words, can be selected after the font and outline are separated together, the font to the curve
3 The three-dimensional words are also separated after selection, the font changes to the curve, pay attention to the back of the three-dimensional map is the best bitmap
4 shaded words. If the font rotates, please separate and select it together. The font will turn to the curve, and the shadow will not be transferred.
5 transparent characters, you can not turn. (If you want to pursue high standards, then the safety of the first bitmap transposing it)
Corner line processing:
1, the corner line can not exceed 1 point 2 mm
2, there is a spot color of the figure note to use imposition logo line
3, If a 4-color version has a black corner, please change it to C100M100Y100K100
4, a monochrome version of the corner line should pay attention to the use of the monochrome corner
5, a 2-color (CY) version, his corner is Green, because the corner should be set
6. Keep in mind that there are a few colors to use a few colored corners.
Other places that should be noted:
4 color words: use the word C100M100Y100K100, in fact, the intention is to want to black, but the results if this is set, the display is also black, but after each film has a word on the film, this is not on the printing machine , because the four-color overprint will appear inaccurate situation.
Bring the corner line: To make the picture output let the publishing machine bring its own corner line. Then the length and width set in the print page must be greater than 10-15mm larger than the length and width of the file page. Locking Problem: Sometimes the person making the map locks a graph row in the graph. Because in general before checking the picture, you have to select all and then Ctrl+G selects the center. If the graphic is locked, it won't move, it will be locked in the same place, so check whether the picture is locked before checking the picture.
Print lock: you may encounter a situation, when you want to turn a picture to a bitmap, pop up a prompt box (objects on the non-printable layer can not be converted into a bitmap), this time to call out the "object "Administrator" to unlock the print.
Two monochrome editions are labeled as 2PS.

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