CFS launches its first vertical packaging machine

Hygienic standards in the food industry are constantly increasing. However, HACCP analysis has shown that not only raw materials are a problem, but equipment used in food production is also a problem. As a result, only the best health and quality concepts of each unit in the production chain will be effective. In accordance with strict hygienic standards, the design of the first SmartPacker of CFS showed us -

As the world's leading supplier of food packaging, CFS was the first vertical packaging machine designed by 2005 Interpack to fully comply with hygiene guidelines. The machine is based on the CFS SmartPacker SX400 technology and it is a major step toward health-oriented design based on countless user surveys and process analysis.

Health-oriented design

For the first time in the closed casing, the machine's operation control device, as well as the smooth surface and no-gap and no-corner design, it became apparent that throughout the system, it achieved a balance between hygiene and ease of cleaning. This is also evident in the materials that make up the machine and the high-quality manufacturing process. For example, the racks, cladding, and product delivery channels are all made of stainless steel; moreover, all welds are also smooth polished. In addition, all surfaces are tilted to ensure that the fluid can drain immediately.

Cleaning time is greatly reduced

The above improvements have many practical benefits for users. The survival and reproduction opportunities of microorganisms and bacteria are greatly reduced, which not only benefits better food safety and higher product quality, but also because advanced designs also reduce the effective cleaning time significantly. The shortening of time allows the machine's design capabilities to be used more efficiently and productivity is higher.

Just as the perfect embodiment of CFS on the 2005 Interpack, CFS is also at the forefront of food preservation packaging:

One of the latest achievements of CFS is the new base reel film called base C. The PP bottom baffle is quite transparent and is the first bottom film with anti-fog properties. Packages made from this material can be pasteurized and heated in a microwave oven.

With the new, quite transparent PP bottom reel barrier, CFS has completed the fresh-keeping packaging of foods for its products. Now, CFS has provided ideal packaging materials for forming boxes, servings, cooked foods and sliced ​​products.

The special bubble film for hot foods is a unique eXbase produced by CFS (XPP = Polypropylene Foam Film). The unique film structure makes the film lighter than any other product on the market. Because of its microwave heating safety and excellent insulation properties, it is ideal for hot foods. Even after heating, the package consisting of eXbase is still touchable and will not burn your fingers.

CFS keeps pace with the times and launches TPR products in the market, a film with excellent barrier properties and a touch-like appearance. More and more meat and cheese suppliers make their products look "freshly packaged" on a deli counter without sacrificing the advantages of industrial packaging. The packaging style shows itself naturally, and at the same time, it gives the end user a close, similar and sexy look.

The CFS film series also has another appealing film, the "body film." This form of packaging material makes the product look like there is a second "skin", to achieve the purpose of protecting the products in transit. In combination with CFS SkinFresh or CFS SkinFresh Classic, this film system is a good way to display delicious products in the display case.

CFS also supplies shrink bags for fresh meats, processed meats and cheeses. The latest development in CFS is the cooking of ham using meat as a binder for cooking. At the International Packaging Exposition, CFS launched a new system for producing 3D shrink packaging on thermoforming machines. It requires less operator operation compared to conventional shrink bag production; there is lower maintenance cost while improving hygiene. Therefore, CFS can produce both 3D shrink film and thermoforming machines for meat products.

The CFS system not only provides the right thin-film system for a given application, they work with users to develop a new packaging solution for the industry. They also work with mechanical engineers to apply them to packaging machines, film production, and other systems. The CFS packaging consultant team listens carefully to the needs of customers and builds their requirements directly into packaging innovations.


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