How to Scale PageMaker Graphical File Arbitrarily

When creating the cover and text of a periodical magazine, it is common to encounter graphic and textual documents that require enlargement or reduction. However, many texts are placed in PageMaker. It does not have software points like FreeHand. It can select images and texts together. The overall zoom, its text must first change the font, size (size can be used), and then zoom the picture, so the workload is more arduous. Here, I have an easy way: in PageMaker software, set the high-precision display state, select the "file / print" command, in its "options" command, select "write postscript to file" and select the "EPS" button, you can Generate an EPS format file, and then place a graphic in the PageMaker file to zoom.

But this method has two limitations: First, it can only be used in PageMaker, such as opening the graphics file in Photoshop, but black and white pictures, and the text is garbled; Second, in the final generation of the PS file must have The original picture, otherwise the PS file is blank information.

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