Weifang China Eastern flexographic press successfully passed the appraisal

Not long ago, the Weifang Donghang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. flexo press successfully passed the examination and review of the Bureau of Science and Technology and experts, and the appraisal achieved a complete success.

Experts evaluated the advancedness and practicality of the company's flexo press. Among them, the large-format flexographic press was evaluated as: This product adopts new techniques such as servo-off, single-axis cutting and large-volume cutting, and maximum printing paper. With a width of 830mm and a maximum repetitive printing length of 762mm, it is superior to the current search targets and its overall performance has reached the leading domestic level.

Source: Eastern Airlines

Semi Pu Leather

Semi PU Leather also known as PU/PVC Leather has both PU as well as PVC layer in the product. The product is lighter compared to Pvc Leather and heavier compared to Pu Leather . The product can be modified in several ways to provide a wide range of applications similar to PVC and PU leather. Semi-PU leather can be used for ladies bags, shoes, sandals, laptop bags, upholstery and car seat covers.

Both PVC and PU resins are coated in a well formulated and tested ratio to provide our clients with excellent touch and feel with compromising in strength and durability. We work with many automobile seat manufacturers to assure that there is no problem in terms of stitching and elongation of the material.

Semi-PU leather is lighter and provides softer hand feel compared to PVC leather. Extensive research has been done to provide our customers the best possible combination of PVC and PU resin. The thickness, strength and gloss level can be matched according to the clients request.

We are offering a best quality range of Semi PU Leather For Upholstery in the market. Extensive research has been done to provide our customers the best possible combination of PVC and PU resin.

We manufacture semi-PU softy leather for Dairy ladies bags, book covers and jackets. The product exhibits brilliant hand feel and is visually attractive. The strength and durability is met according to clients request. The product can be made in both matte and gloss finish. The product is available in wide variety of colors.

Similar to PVC leather for carseat covers, our semi-PU leather will provide equal strength but would also leave a better hand feel.

Semi PU 1

Semi Pu Leather

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