Daily diet and supplements with essential nutrients

In summer, people are generally prone to sweating and lose more water in the body. Sweating is not just a loss of water, but also a lot of nutrients , because there are some minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium in the sweat, as well as various amino acids. These components are lost with the massive secretion of sweat, and the body's demand for these substances increases. Diet supplement you can do with the thickness of these essential nutrients.
Beans, especially all kinds of miscellaneous beans, are rich in various amino acids and some minerals needed by the human body. In the summer, you can put some beans in the rice. In addition to the nutritious taste, the taste is good and the color is beautiful. You can put different beans in the daily steamed rice. For example, put some red beans today, and you can put some green beans, black beans or lentils every other day. This will not only adjust the taste, but also ensure a balanced diet.
Loss of appetite, vinegar and garlic help you in summer. People's appetite is a big problem. How to adjust appetite and stimulate appetite is something we need to consider. In the summer, eat more cold salad, especially with vinegar and garlic as the cooking dish.
Seasoning with vinegar is one of the simple methods. You can use vinegar to mix vegetables, seafood or some meat, or pickled cucumber, lotus root and bitter gourd with vinegar as an appetizer for a summer meal. In addition to appetizing, vinegar can also play a role in softening blood vessels, preventing deposition of impurities in blood vessels, and preventing high blood pressure.
Garlic has a spicy taste that stimulates appetite and helps digestion. In the summer, you can cut the garlic into the end and sprinkle it on the cold dish. Like the garlic eggplant that everyone often eats, it is a good summer food, and it is easy to do.
Garlic has a good antibacterial effect. Summer is a high season for bacteria and microbes. Eating more garlic can effectively prevent acute dysentery and enteritis, but people with poor digestive function should eat less.
Deep-fried noodles, good choice for summer food.
Summer diet should not only cool down, but also have a comprehensive nutrition. The noodles are a good choice for the summer staple food. The noodle sauce is a pasta that many people like. It is delicious and refreshing, and it is simple and convenient. You can eat it several times with a good fried sauce.
The traditional Beijing noodles are usually made from yellow sauce. The yellow sauce is made from a mixture of soybeans and flour. The protein content is high and the vitamin B content is quite rich, which can compensate for the loss of vitamins to some extent. When making fried sauce, you can add some mushrooms, dried beans, etc., which can ensure nutrient intake and delicious.
In addition, the noodles are cooked, and a large amount of soluble nutrients are dissolved in the soup, such as potassium, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, folic acid and the like.
In order to cool the hot noodles as quickly as possible in the summer, people often have to put the noodles in cold water and then rush twice, which will easily increase the loss of nutrients. These vitamins are just a variety that the body easily lacks. This regret is easy to make up, as long as you drink a bowl of noodle soup can be solved, the dissolved nutrients are included in the abdomen.

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