Autumn moisturizing to recognize the misunderstanding of transparent skin

The most basic care for moisturizing the skin , the skin will only look healthy and transparent if it has enough moisture. In the early autumn, the hydration of the skin is an important part. How to moisturize in the early autumn, what are the moisturizing mistakes? Don't worry, the following small series will tell you a few autumn moisturizing must pay attention to the problem.
Only use lotion is enough to moisturize. At the same time as moisturizing, it is easy to overlook the oil supplement. Because oil is like a barrier to moisture, if this protective film disappears, the water will soon be dried by the outside environment and take away the moisture on the surface of the skin.
In fact, remember to use lotion after applying lotion. If skin is oily, you can choose creamy cream. If it is neutral skin, you can use general lotion. If it is dry skin, you can choose relatively moisturizing cream. If it is a mixed type, it is possible to distinguish between areas with different oil levels to have an emulsion or a cream.
The longer the moisturizing mask is applied, the better the sleep mask can be used overnight. Other moisturizing masks should follow the labeling time of the product. Generally, it should be 10-15 minutes, and should not exceed 20 minutes. It takes too long to even take it until the mask is dry, only to let the water evaporate. Immediately after removing the mask, apply lotion lock water.
Applying a moisturizing mask every day, the skin is sure to apply a simple moisturizing mask every day. It is not impossible, but the effect is not as effective as you think, because it only temporarily improves the hydration of the skin. Deeper to improve the skin's dryness may be the moisturizing essence and night cream you use later. It may be a waste to think about it this way. Moreover, if the nutrients in the mask are too high, it will irritate the facial skin and cause excess nutrients.
Do not think that you are oily skin, there is no shortage of water. Our skin has a self-adjusting function. Once the skin is dehydrated, the oil secretion will be more vigorous, so as to adjust the water and oil balance. If you are oily skin, don't think that there is no shortage of oil and no water. This is two concepts. More oil does not mean that there is no shortage of water, oil on the face, and sometimes it is a signal of lack of water. Therefore, oily skin must be replenished with water, or strengthen the hydration while controlling oil.
Spray method is not the right way to make the skin lack of water. Although the mineral spray contains trace mineral ions, it can calm sensitive skin and replenish moisture. However, the spray does not contain moisturizing ingredients that can lock the water. Once the number of sprays increases, there is no rubbing. When the lotion locks in water, the skin will fall into a vicious cycle of dry and wet repeated, which will cause the skin to be dehydrated. Do not leave the spray on the skin for more than one minute. Use excess water to remove it with a paper towel. Immediately apply a moisturizing lotion.


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