Can milk treat skin diseases?

Milk not only can provide calcium to the body, increase protein, but also is a good skin care. In addition, you must not know, milk has the effect of treating skin diseases? Here are a few tricks to teach you, you can treat skin diseases without drugs!

Milk treatment for skin diseases

Milk can treat skin diseases

1, milk treatment of hemorrhoids: add chopped green onions in the milk, apply it to the affected area, once a day, two weeks a course of treatment.

2, milk treatment of psoriasis: 3 hours after the milk is boiled, pour the milk out. Scrape a layer of white film on the wall of the pot and apply it to the affected area. Frequent rubbing has a certain effect.

3, milk treatment of neurodermatitis: pour 100g of rapeseed oil (the best olive oil) in 250ml milk, mix it well and pour into the bath with warm water. Bath once a week for 15 minutes each time.

4, milk treatment of oral ulcers: milk with cotton balls, then gently squeeze the ulcer with cotton balls for 15 minutes, the low temperature of ice milk can play an anti-inflammatory effect, and the protein in milk can accelerate the healing of the wound.

5, milk treatment of solar dermatitis: commonly known as sunburn, with milk slightly added water (milk and water 50:5) for wet compressing, each time 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

6, milk treatment of skin spots: mix fresh milk and 75% medicinal alcohol in a ratio of 3:1, use it to wipe the skin spots before going to bed.

The above describes a variety of skin problems that can be solved with milk. Have you learned it too? The application of milk is thousands of yuan, and the different methods of production have different effects. If you have the above skin diseases, It’s better to start experimenting with milk now!

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