How to use home Feng Shui to avoid disasters

Follow Feng Shui Daren to learn how to create a home improvement feng shui, teach you how to use home feng shui to avoid the bloody disaster.


Bedroom furniture avoids unevenness

Unevenness means disharmony, and long-term residence is easy to make a mistake.


The bedroom likes to use the whole window, avoid using two or more separate windows.

Originally it was a window wall, but it was divided into several pieces, and it was troublesome to think about it. It is no wonder that Feng Shui also avoids this. There are many differences in doing things, and you can't do it all at once. look before you purchase property.


Flowers and plants suitable for the living room are not suitable for the bedroom

The bedroom is like a magnified leaf, broad-leaved plant. Enhance the feelings between husband and wife and enhance the wealth of the owner. Do things well. Easy to get the boss favor. The lobular flowers and plants will make the owner into a trivial situation. There are old and repeated things.


Put money everywhere in the house

Some people do not know whether it is convenient or customary. There are money in the drawers, bookcases, tables, and even sofas in the house. Oh, then your money will be "dissipated". Bad habits can only be impoverished and shy.

Washing machine as money counter

In the past, there was a public washing machine in the dormitory. The aunt who was responsible for washing clothes had a monthly income, because there was always a hairy guy or a generous girl who didn’t have the money in the clean clothes. There are still people who often find money in their own washing machines. In the long run, your fortune has been washed clean.

Small vaults everywhere

Many people understand that the above reason, specifically bought a safe, thinking that everything will be fine, the God of Wealth will live forever. In fact, the orientation of the house is exquisite. If you put your wealth in the decline, not the financial position and other suitable positions, then the more you have the safe money, the more you leak.

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