Speculation has caused the mahogany furniture market to become increasingly depressed

The mahogany furniture market is getting worse

In the past ten years, the price of trading in the mahogany market has been stunned. Mahogany furniture has turned several times, and some logs have even turned dozens of times. The huge interest temptation has caused many investors to switch from speculating real estate and stock trading to fried mahogany. However, in the past few months, the dazzling redwood market has suddenly felt the chill of the bursts. The price of redwood suddenly turned sharply from the skyrocketing.

Beijing is one of the most concentrated areas for the sale of classical mahogany furniture in the country. It is a national benchmark market. However, in the peak season of sales, the large and small mahogany furniture market here is extremely deserted. In the Red Star Macalline furniture market, which is known for selling high-end furniture, there are few customers in several mahogany furniture stores.

Zhang Hongchao, a Beijing-based mahogany furniture dealer, told the author that from this entire hypermarket, the current passenger traffic is very rare. No matter what kind of furniture, no matter what kind of building materials, the passenger flow is scarce.

Beijing's mahogany furniture dealer Zhang Jihong said that it is not very good, and some have not signed a few months. You are like this time last year, it seems that one of them downstairs said that it is 70 square meters a month can sign three or four hundred thousand, four hundred and fifty thousand. But now, it seems that it will not work.

The number of customers has decreased, and the merchants naturally have to cut the price tag. In all the mahogany furniture stores of Red Star Macalline, the price is reduced by 20%, and the price is reduced by nearly half.

In the investigation, the author found that the price reduction of red heart Meikailong's mahogany furniture is not the biggest. In Beijing, another home market of mahogany furniture, which specializes in medium and high-grade mahogany furniture, the author turned for half an hour and found that there was no exhibition hall in the big exhibition hall. A consumer, and even some stores, have no sales staff. The author saw that many mahogany furniture here have been sold with special labels. The original price of 200,000 coffee tables is currently 100,000, and mahogany furniture like this is 50% off. The author saw the most price reduction is this set of red rosewood sofa , the original price of 900,000, now hit the price of about 30%.

Although the price of mahogany furniture has been adjusted back by nearly 70%, consumers are still discouraged.

Zhang Hongchao, a Beijing-based mahogany furniture seller, said that consumers can't accept it because we all have friends. My friend bought a piece of furniture last year and bought it for tens of thousands of dollars. This year has become hundreds of thousands, and I am watching, I am watching. During the wait-and-see period, market demand has fallen.

The mahogany furniture market officially announced the cold winter, and the timber market as the source is also difficult to be independent. In the Dongba timber market, the largest wholesale base of mahogany raw materials in the north, mahogany raw materials have begun to reduce in size. The situation in the market is the same as in the mahogany furniture market. The author stayed in the market for two hours, but did not see a car that pulled the goods.

Without business, the turnover of timber sellers plummeted. It is understood that the sales of the merchants in the Dongba Redwood Market have been halved in the past two months.

Beijing Redwood raw materials told the author that the monthly sales amounted to several million yuan, five or six million, four or five million, and a little less, then two or three million.

Some businesses that operate high-end mahogany raw materials are even more indifferent. Li Guanghuai is a big player in this market. He has been operating the lobular rosewood in mahogany for more than 10 years. He currently has 40 tons of lobular rosewood in his hand. He is helpless in talking about today's business.

Li Honghuai, a Beijing-based mahogany raw material supplier, said that there is almost no sales. Now I am looking at home at home, waiting for the price of the coming year, and waiting for the market in the coming year. The price of lobular rosewood in 2009 was 200,000, and the highest point in the first half of this year has exceeded 1 million. In just two years, the price has increased five times. However, the lobular rosewood, which has been relatively firm in price this year, has also begun to fall.

Second, the price of mahogany remains high

As an end market, Beijing prices have plummeted. Whether it is mahogany furniture or logs, there is an endless stream of cold. As the famous redwood distribution center in the country, Guangxi Dongxing is still playing a big red wooden card. On December 15th, Dongxing just held a grand mahogany culture festival.

Here is the Guangxi Dongxing Redwood Trading Market. The price of mahogany furniture has dropped significantly in recent times. The original set of rosewood sofas can sell 150,000 yuan, and now sells up to 130,000 yuan. According to industry insiders, not only in Dongxing, Guangxi, but also in many markets such as Guangzhou, Dongyang, and Xianyou in Fujian, the prices of finished products [new news price type reviews] have also been adjusted.

Li Dongming, chairman of Baiye Dongxing Furniture City, told the author that there may be about 10-15% adjustment here, but in some markets and stores in other provinces, the adjustment range is relatively large, and some may fall by 30%-40%. .

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