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Nietzsche once said that people can only find a reason to survive in order to withstand any situation. His so-called "reasons for survival" is what we often call "life goals" or "dreams." In fact, once a person begins to understand things, it seems that they will have a colorful dream and will have their own goals. When each company is founded, there will be a good plan for the future and the goals of the company. All of these dreams and goals are the driving forces for the continuous struggle of individuals and companies. They are all leading the continuous development of individuals and enterprises.
For people in the paper packaging industry, it is the same whether he is a front-line employee, an entrepreneur behind the scenes or an industry association leader who leads the industry. They all have their own dreams, their own goals, about life, about families, about their careers, about companies, about the industry... The year of the 12th Five-Year Plan has passed, and it has gone through a year of exploration. We ushered in the 2012 real swordsmanship.
In this new year, we have received the dreams and goals of individuals, companies, and industries from leaders and entrepreneurs of many industry associations. Here, we publish some "dreams and goals" and look forward to working with you.

The Dream of Dreaming: The "Package" in Dreams
Zhuang Yingjie Counselor, Director of the Paper Packaging Committee of the China Packaging Federation / President of the Shanghai Packaging Technology Association / President of Shanghai Packaging and Paper Packaging Industry Magazine. There have been many dreams that have been so endless; there have been many wonderful flashes in the dreams, and only moments. The only thing that is truly still in the dream is still - packaging.
This is the return of a wonderful heart. The heart beats with the dream. In my dream, I also danced with the packaging and could not extricate myself. This is an emotion that cannot be described in words. It is a kind of attachment that cannot be abandoned. It is a packaged “dream” that I cannot avoid and forget.
Thirty years ago, we had just started to make dreams about packaging; after thirty years, our packaging dreams have become even more colorful. Face change, mentality change, dreams sway... Once, the journey is harder, we always believe that as long as we work hard, we will succeed. Today, with our beautiful ideals, we still walk on the road with confidence. Looking for, a yearning.
Today, the fierce financial crisis has mercilessly attacked the packaging industry. I saw packaging companies fighting hard in the storm, but also see the pilot at the helm of the people in the wind and rain. They persist in standing in the limelight, facing the stormy waves and sticking to the packaged waterway. I was deeply moved. At the moment, I was very small and helpless.
Although in my dreams, I clearly realized that as an association of Hong Kong, we should not hesitate in this storm, be in trouble and share commonality with each other; we must be good at contingency in the rapids and be a supply station for shelter from the rain; Sailing to find new coordinates and directions. This is responsibility and mission.
The dream wakes up, and the "packaging" of Chaoyang shines through the clouds and everything will be full of vitality. I believe that we will have a brilliant tomorrow. I believe that those packaging people who are calm, relaxed and confident will surely pursue their new dreams.
Set a goal for life and give a clear hope for the future. Dreams, let us work hard for the goal, continue to go beyond ourselves, improve their own level, not letting their time slack.
Only in this way, the packaging in the dream will eventually become a reality.

Adjust the structure, change the mode, implement the "three services"
Liu Shousheng Secretary-General of the China Packaging Federation Paper Product Packaging Committee In 2012, our work will proceed from two aspects: “speeding up industrial restructuring, changing the mode of economic development” and “implementing the purpose of the “three services””.
2012 is an extremely complex but challenging year with both risk and vitality. Judging from the global economic situation, it is not optimistic. But I think this is not necessarily a "good thing." Because, in the past 30 years since the development of the paper packaging industry in China, we have been “forward” and we should have a chance to slow down. There should be a stage of improvement to eliminate excess backward production capacity and allow the entire paper packaging industry to Can "reduce" ahead.
From the perspective of China's entire market, our total demand for consumer goods will not be reduced, so there will be no significant reduction in paper packaging. Therefore, in 2012, the paper packaging industry may only reduce the growth rate, but the efficiency will increase. Therefore, to grasp this situation, how to take advantage of the situation, promote the development of the industry, and guide the transformation of enterprises is the key to the work of the 2012 China Baolian Paper Committee.
In “accelerating industrial restructuring and transforming the economic development mode”, we will launch industry-wide discussions on “eliminating outdated production capacity”, find cruxes, and find solutions; survey coastal, central, northern, and remote areas to truly understand the current status of the industry. , Exploring development; organizing inspections of advanced countries and regions, learning and learning, breaking the industry's "national borders" to identify roads that meet the Chinese characteristics of the development of paper packaging; launch reorganization, assist mergers and acquisitions, cooperation, improve industry concentration, guide SME products Structural adjustment, integration of industrial chain, transformation of manufacturing, processing, and packaging products into supporting packaging services; vigorously supporting and exerting the core strengths of leading enterprises, large-scale enterprises, industrial bases, and scientific research centers to drive transformation and upgrading of the entire industry; and accelerating the elimination of backward production capacity. Actively respond to the relevant government departments to reflect the status of the industry, seek support from the national policy, and strive to increase the overall level of the industry during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period; support and assist enterprise technological innovation, change the product structure model, promote new products, New technologies, new processes, new equipment.
In the implementation of "serving for the government, industry, and business", we strive to innovate in the work of the association, and give full play to everyone's initiative and brainstorming. Paper Committee is not a leading institution but a platform for the industry. With the support of the government and enterprises, we must do our utmost to work with the mentality of "throwing at the top of your head". Actively concerned about the trends and trends of the industry and related industries, timely reported information, carried out extensive and in-depth discussion, close to the enterprise. Communicate relevant departments and actively approach the government and leading organizations to gain more benefits for the industry and enterprises. Provide consulting services for funds, raw materials, equipment, technology, technology, sales, and other issues encountered in the production and operation of enterprises. Organize related activities such as conferences, forums, lectures, training, visits and inspections, professional exhibitions, etc., and provide enterprises with various platforms to create a rigorous, enterprising, dynamic and harmonious industry. Guide enterprises to eliminate backward production capacity, change operational management models, and care about and support the development of enterprises after the transition. Cultivate various types of human resources in the industry, encourage enterprises and schools to cultivate reserve forces, give full play to the enthusiasm of industry scholars, experts, and scientific and technical personnel, support entrepreneurs to study further, and assist enterprises in carrying out traditional education and forging corporate culture.
In addition, the Secretariat needs to innovate work ideas, spend more time with the company, and get the support of the enterprise for the work of the company in a down-to-earth manner. At the same time, we must pay attention to working with local associations to obtain their support and help.
We are gratified that our work has always been commended by superiors and has received praise from the industry. We will continue to work hard.

Dreams and dreams • Reshaping Song Jialin Chairman of Qingdao Jiayou Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Today’s results are due to yesterday’s dreams; tomorrow’s results are also due to today’s dreams.
More than ten years of cultivation and dreams, 100-year-old road infrastructure. Jiayou Co., Ltd. has been awarded the title of “National Private Technology Enterprise”, “Advanced Enterprise of Scientific and Technological Innovation”, “Shandong Provincial Patent Star Enterprise”, “Shandong Province Famous Brand”, and “National Hi-Tech "Enterprises" and other titles; from the team of less than 20 people at the time of the establishment, to today's 300 teams; from just over ten million yuan in business income five years ago, to billions of dollars in sales revenue today. The reason for this is that we have always pursued the dream of "the pursuit of dreams and the pursuit of excellence by companies."
A few years ago, an ordinary people's bizarre and even unreasonable dreams made me deviate from what I had learned, and resolutely devoted myself to that unfamiliar but familiar area. It was the seemingly cold corrugated machinery industry.
During this period, although I often see or look surprised or happy, but I understand that behind me there is a mechanical dream belongs to me, he is like a reliable mountain man, a calm, depth and taste of the man, His excellent quietness exudes as if he is constantly attracting and summoning me. Later I learned that he not only needed my heart to understand his existence, but also required me to use actual actions to prove his excellence. It also required me to use results to show his excellence. Therefore, at that time, I chose the dream without hesitation, and insisted on using his enthusiasm and hard work to promote his strong growth!
The years are long, the time is like water, and ten years have passed. The dream that I once had in the sedimentation of years has shed more light on his pearl-like luster. Now I have got my wish, because the blueprint for my dream has basically been realized. But I have always believed that "Life is pursued by dreams, and companies are evergreen because of their pursuit."
In the second year of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan - 2012, I will continue to be the manufacturer of my dreams. With the company's investment in "Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone," the "integration of tile line cadres" The project "is about to be put into production. It will be a "good friend" and my new dream. It will also carry the "good friend" and my new mission. I believe that on the occasion of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, “Jiayou Machinery” will logically become “the largest corrugated cadre equipment production base in northern China and even in China.”
In the future, I will continue to be the maker of the dream of a good friend, and continue to lead the “Jiayou” team to “delineate the blueprint with my dreams, use my dreams to demand now, use strategies to build my capabilities, and use passion to create brilliance”!
Finally, on the occasion of the New Year, I wish: Hua Ning culture can continue to introduce new, better and better, colleagues in the industry business is booming, and the industry is evergreen.

We must do the right thing at the right time Yu Canhui Yubang Industrial Co., Ltd. General Manager From the current market situation, the market conditions in the first half of 2012 may not be very good. Now many factories' orders are decreasing, and even some companies have reduced their orders by 30% to 50%.
The downturn in the market is not necessarily a bad thing for us. Although we will therefore compress orders, the turnover will be affected. However, from another perspective, this is our best time to “strengthen internal strength” - the development of new equipment, improve product quality, strengthen employee technical training, and improve the overall management level. Therefore, such a “downturn” is a good turning point for us, allowing us to prepare for the arrival of the next wave of market peaks.
Many people are now doing die-cutting machines and folder-gluers. This is a good thing. Because competition itself is a good thing. For example, now there are many brands of cars in the country, ranging in price from three to four hundred thousand to hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions. What does this mean? Explain that our customer base is diverse and the needs are diverse. By the same token, a company cannot meet the needs of all markets. Everyone pursues different customer levels and pursues different goals. Therefore, there will be a division of labor.
Regardless of how the market changes, for 2012, we are still full of confidence: because it is best to do the right thing at the right time. We have always insisted on step by step, do a good job of equipment and make our own brand.

Steady and sustained development, planned to do what we should do Jiang Jianzhi Xin General Manager of Caishun Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. The Caishun Group started in 1968 and has been headquartered in Taiwan. The output of Caishun’s headquarters in Taiwan is 8 times that of the mainland factory, and its products are sold worldwide. Our customer base will not be concentrated in a certain area, but scattered around. And the customer layer is located in the district, their concept is very close to us, that is "to do a good product, the equipment used must be better."
The situation in the domestic market in the second half of 2011 was not very good. Although the demand was high, due to the poor capital flow, we adopted a conservative approach - domestic sales were exported, so we increased our exports in the second half of the year.
It is expected that the market situation in 2012 will not be too good. Before and after the Spring Festival, there may be business failures in China. The reason is that the capital chain is one aspect, and the characteristics of the company's operating culture are also an important factor.
I think that doing business must be down to earth. A company is an image, a brand, a career, rather than using funds to engage in speculation. We are more conservative and how much ability we can do.
My dream for 2012 is: The new factory we invested in Dongguan will be able to develop steadily and sustainably, and do what we have to do in a planned way.
From 2011, my eldest son began to step into the community and walk into the financial team. Our constant demands on our children are: Do not do opportunistic things. You should not have a dime to do. We must operate in a down-to-earth manner. In fact, every parent has expectations for his children. I hope they can do what they like. Of course, I will do my best to provide a stable and harmonious platform so that he can do what he likes.
The same is true of running a company, but also give managers and employees a hope: We must do better, the company's system will be better, and the company's development will be better. This is also a culture we inherit. To create a brand is to create ourselves and have a future.
Steady operation and steady development. We only have a very solid business and we contribute to society.

Celebrate Nine Thirty Years' Birthday with "Courtesy"
Sha Xiaoming President of Jiangsu Chang'e N Group Co., Ltd. General Manager The printing machinery industry is an industry with a relatively high technological content. It is not something that you want to do. You need to do it step by step. dry.
Ten years ago, we were thirty years away from the world's leading printing technology. Today we have shortened the gap to a decade. Our first goal now is to continue to shorten this gap!
Now our business is book printing and packaging printing half of the country. The printing of books and periodicals is a traditional Changi market, and we will continue to promote the “traditional”; packaging and printing is a fast-growing market, and we are working hard to create Chang’s future here.
In 2012, we will follow the established plan to implement, for example, building a new plant in 2012.
In 2012, we will usher in Chang Ng-year-old birthday. We will use our own actions and efforts to dedicate the company to the 60th anniversary!

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