Blanket size

l. Total thickness: The thickness of domestic blankets is the same as that of similar foreign products, with a total thickness of 1.80-1.90 mm. There are also a small number of blankets with a total thickness of 1.60 to 1.70 mm. It is composed of three layers of backing fabric.

2. The thickness of the surface glue: The thickness of the surface glue should be appropriate, generally 0.6~0.7mm, if the thickness is too thin, the elasticity is low and the hardness is too high, the printing plate will be worn down, the printing plate's resistance to printing force will be reduced, and the outlets will not be Full, the screen from the ink (that is, the screen from the article), different shades of black; surface glue is too thick will make the print network dot deformation (such as dot gain, elongation, etc.) lead to imprint movement, overprinting is not allowed, the picture is blurred.

3. The thickness of the cloth adhesive: The cloth adhesive mainly acts as a bond to the base cloth to increase the elasticity. Its thickness is limited by the thickness of the surface glue and the total thickness. It is generally controlled at 1.2 to 1.3 mm (including four base fabrics). The thickness of the adhesive layer between the four layers of backing cloth is also different. The thickness and performance design of the adhesive layer between 1 and 2 layers of backing fabric mainly consider the compressibility and softness of the adhesive layer close to the printing surface. The thickness and performance of the adhesive layer between the 3 to 4 layers of the backing cloth only serve to bond the backing cloth.

4. The number and thickness of the bottom cloth: The radial force of the blanket during printing is very large, which is nearly 1,000 kg. Therefore, the long-staple cotton with high strength should be selected as the skeleton material.

5. The structure of the air-cushion blanket: The shape of the air-cushion blanket has no obvious difference from the ordinary blanket. Its thickness is roughly divided into several sizes between 1.65~1.9mm. The main difference between the air-cushion blanket and the ordinary blanket is Not only different fabric layers and rubber layers but also a gas-filled layer are sandwiched between them to form an elastic layer. The gas-filled layer is mainly divided into microbubbles and gas channels. Another criterion is that the area of ​​the blanket is generally measured in mm*mm.

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