Evaluation: comfortable and pleasant Haier hanging type cold and cold inverter air conditioner


Haier hanging type cold and warm frequency conversion 02PAQ22 air conditioning shape is simple and stylish, elegant color shell, intuitive room temperature indication, even at night, you can always know the temperature.

The smart wind function is to freely choose the direction of the wind according to the position of the person. It can be used both on the wind and under the wind. The air conditioner does not blow the human body directly, is healthy and comfortable, and can effectively prevent the "air conditioning disease." When the air conditioning and cooling operation, the cold air rises upwards, using the principle of high density of cold air, heavy mass, and self-operating downwards, so that the air can be convected efficiently, so that the indoors can be cooled rapidly; when the air conditioner is heating, the warm air goes down, and the hot air is used. The principle of low density, light weight and self-upward operation greatly improves the speed of indoor heating, and the heating is rapid and uniform, saving energy and electricity.


Compared with the traditional method, it can only absorb the defects that can not be removed and the scope of action is small. Haier-mounted cold and warm frequency conversion 02PAQ22 air conditioner uses advanced RCD formaldehyde decomposition technology to completely decompose formaldehyde into air at room temperature. Carbon dioxide and water, no pollution, no harm to the human body, and the use of multi-angle air supply mode, formaldehyde decomposition of all corners of the room through air convection, in addition to a larger range of formaldehyde; more importantly, even if there is no need to open air conditioning refrigeration / In the spring of heating, the user can turn on the air conditioner in addition to the formaldehyde function alone, and the formaldehyde can be easily and effectively removed, which is very energy-saving.

At the same time, Haier Air-Condition will upgrade its service and provide the measures and commitments for “free formaldehyde detection and return” for formaldehyde-free air conditioner users. It will remove all the doubts arising from the use of formaldehyde in the process of removing formaldehyde.

Haier-mounted cooling and heating inverter 02PAQ22 air conditioner adopts the world's leading R410A new refrigerant, low carbon and environmental protection; strong heat transfer and high operating efficiency. 180 degree sine wave DC frequency conversion, rapid cooling and heating, the rate is slowed after approaching the predetermined temperature, and the temperature is kept constant. Low energy consumption, low noise, comfortable and pleasant.


Haier hanging type cold and warm frequency conversion 02PAQ22 air conditioner left and right swinging leaves can also be removed and washed, it is very convenient, and can also be cleaned with a damp cloth to the air conditioner fan, which can truly ensure that the wind sent out is comfortable and pleasant.

Haier hanging type heating and cooling frequency conversion 02PAQ22 air conditioning two-way fresh air function can be started independently, double casing road, can be used all year round. No need to start the refrigeration or heating system, you can circulate fresh air, keep warm oxygen, without losing any energy, super energy saving. Keep your family away from formaldehyde hazards and enjoy the natural wind. Haier hanging type cold and warm frequency conversion 02PAQ22 air conditioner really uses the actual action to open a new experience for users to live a healthy life in the summer. The fly in the ointment is that Haier hanging type cold and warm frequency conversion 02PAQ22 air conditioning shape is a bit simple, not with nano water ion technology. Of course, you can choose Haier's other air conditioners that use nano-water ion technology. No need to add water, ionize the moisture in the air, form ultra-fine nano-water ions, and also add enough water to dry skin.

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