Evaluation: fashion wild million and gas water heaters


Wanhe JSQ16-8B gas water heater white painted panel, simple and generous. White is recognized as a versatile color. This water heater will not disturb the original home style. The owners can also add some cartoon stickers according to their own preferences to add interest.


Wanhe JSQ16-8B gas water heater is simple and sleek, with smooth lines. The size is 538mm*340mm*122mm, which is small in size and takes up less space.


Wanhe JSQ16-8B gas water heater control button in the lower right corner of the water heater, with the overall design. There are water volume adjustment knob and water temperature adjustment button respectively, and the LCD screen can display the water temperature. Nowadays, there are old people and children in the general family, and the obvious instructions for convenient operation also make the security even higher.

Gas water heaters rely on the heat from the combustion of gas to heat the water. The combustion requires air. Wanhe JSQ16-8B gas water heater has six air inlets on the back to effectively support combustion and avoid the danger of co-poisoning caused by insufficient combustion.


Under the exhaust pipe at the top of the water heater is the fan of the water heater. Wanhe uses a lead-free environmentally friendly alloy water tank, which is both environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The outside of the tank is surrounded by a Wanhe patented aluminum alloy water pipe.

Wanhe JSQ16-8B gas water heater has a simple and elegant appearance, and white is suitable for various home styles. The control panel is easy to understand and suitable for families with elderly and children. The intelligent constant temperature system is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with the best bathing effect with the least gas. The special activities of SouFun Home Mall make this water heater very cost-effective.

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