Home improvement paint coating is the most important environmental protection

In home decoration, paint is difficult to avoid a part of, whether it is to buy solid wood furniture or furniture, paint furniture is always difficult to avoid, even if not painted furniture, wall and may be painted over. These inevitable materials may also give off strange tastes from time to time, bringing endless troubles to our lives. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the small knowledge of various types of paint . Learning these common senses may help you to better purchase environmentally friendly furniture and do environmentally friendly home improvement .

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According to the range of use of our home life, our common paint has three areas: wall paint, wood paint, metal paint.

Wall paint

Wall paints include exterior wall paints, interior wall paints and core top coats, mainly latex paints and the like. The paint that we paint on the indoor walls is the interior wall paint, which can be mainly divided into water-soluble paint and latex paint. The general decoration is latex paint. Latex paint is a kind of paint with convenient, safe, washable and breathable water. It can be formulated according to different color schemes. The ingredients are essentially composed of water, pigments, emulsions, fillers and various auxiliaries which are not toxic. Exterior wall latex paints and interior wall latex paints perform similarly.

At present, the so-called "latex paint" containing a large amount of formaldehyde on the market is actually a water-soluble paint, not a latex paint. Some unscrupulous manufacturers use fake water-soluble paint to fake latex paint. Therefore, choosing the right goods and maintaining ventilation is an effective way to prevent pollution.

Purchase points: non-environmental inferior paint will smell nausea, dizziness and harm to the body for a long time, so pay attention to whether it is a regular manufacturer to buy, it is best to buy in the store, the product's certificate, packaging is complete, The most complete and safest way is to choose some big brands with good reputation. If possible, ask the seller to open the paint bucket and check it out.

1. Light the fan at the mouth of the jar and smell whether it has a pungent or fragrant smell. The taste is obviously not selected.

2. If the product has serious stratification, it indicates poor quality;

3. Stir gently with a stick. After lifting, the paint stays on the stick for a long time and covers evenly, indicating that the quality is good;

4, rubbing a little by hand, after drying, it is difficult to wash off with water;

5, lightly rubbed by hand, the more delicate the better.

Wood paint

Wood lacquers are mainly lacquered, polyurethane lacquered, etc., which are very common in furniture and flooring. According to the gloss score, it can be divided into bright light (high light), semi-matte, matte effect, as well as water and oil.

Water-based paint is clean water as the only diluent, does not contain toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, and is a nationally designated environmentally friendly paint. Oily paint is also called grease paint. It is a kind of paint with dry oil as the main film-forming material. It mainly includes clear oil, thick paint, oily blending paint, oily antirust paint and putty, putty and so on. The oils used are mainly tung oil, linseed oil, eucalyptus oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, fish oil, etc., which are characterized by easy production, low price, good paintability, flexible coating and good permeability. The disadvantages are slow drying and poor physical and chemical properties of the coating film, and most of them have been replaced by synthetic resin paints with excellent properties.

In addition, some special furniture and flooring are not painted, but pure vegetable oil or waxing technology. For example, mahogany furniture is usually waxed to ensure the gloss and oxidation resistance of the furniture surface. Some doors and windows use environmentally friendly tung oil, some Children's furniture brands use pure vegetable oils.

Metallic paint

Metallic paints are mainly lacquers. The most common metal lacquer we use when purchasing furniture is often indistinguishable from piano lacquer. Piano paint is common in panel furniture and cabinets, with high gloss, special density, and hard texture for excellent scratch resistance. Metal baking varnish is often used in the machinery industry.

Advantages and disadvantages: beautiful color, excellent water resistance, but general wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

TIPS: Another so-called "piano paint" is actually just a layer of high-bright varnish on PVC, the cost is negligible, and the durability is extremely poor. Except for "bright", it is not sticky with the piano paint.

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