The first mandatory national standard was implemented in August to worry about the sale of children's furniture that is not up to standard

On the 6th, the reporter visited a number of household goods markets in Fuzhou and found that many children's furniture stores posted the words “selling” and “concessions”, with discounts ranging from 30% to 10%. According to industry insiders, this is because China's first mandatory standard for children's furniture will be implemented in August. Some manufacturers are worried that existing products will not be out of the new standard and are ordered to withdraw from the market.

Children's furniture has high profits

"If it is a family decoration with children, children's furniture is the focus. Many parents can buy low-end bedroom furniture, children's room furniture must be the most environmentally friendly and most expensive!" On the 6th, in Fuzhou Xiyingmen In the store, a number of furniture dealers told reporters.

The reporter observed that in a children's area of ​​a large household goods store, a well-known brand of children's wardrobes price 4300 yuan, no discount; and the same brand of an adult bedroom wardrobe, although the size is 3 times larger, the discount price is only 4100 yuan. The salesperson of the brand area told reporters that the children's wardrobe is the best selling of the store, "no discount is the best proof."

The price of solid wood children's furniture is higher. The price of a domestic brand children's bed is several thousand yuan, and the price of a Nordic brand children's bed is nearly 10,000 yuan.

Local furniture industry practitioners told reporters that the children's furniture market is more dynamic, some companies' gross profit margin can be as high as 60%, and the net interest rate can reach 30%, far higher than ordinary furniture products.

The new national standard "姗姗来迟"

The reporter visited and found that there are many types of children's furniture brands on the market, but the quality of the products is difficult to reassure. The reporter found that in the first half of last year alone, there were more than 20 children's furniture manufacturers that were exposed by the quality supervision department. “Because there have been no children's furniture standards before, manufacturers mostly manufacture children's furniture according to the standards of adult furniture.” Fujian Provincial Furniture Association told reporters. However, China's first standard for children's furniture - "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" will be implemented from August 1. This standard is applicable to furniture products designed or intended for use by children aged 3 to 14 years. It is a national mandatory standard. The quality of children's furniture produced or sold (including imported) must be implemented and meet the requirements of this standard. The standard includes nine parts including the limit of toxic and hazardous substances and the use of safety warning signs. In addition to the detailed definition of the sharp corners, protruding parts, holes, gap size and stability of children's furniture, the control of toxic and hazardous substances is more There are strict limits over adult furniture. In addition, the new national standard also requires that the cabinet-type closed furniture used by children should have a certain ventilation function, clearly specifying the applicable age range of the product and other required safety warning signs.

Clear inventory big sale kicked off

On the 6th, in a number of children's furniture stores, reporters saw that merchants were discounted at discounts ranging from 30% to 10%. Merchants said that under normal circumstances, every year before and after Children's Day, they have discount promotions, but this year's promotion is not only advanced, but also very strong, and some even as low as 30%, mainly because the new standard is mandatory Sex standards, big-name furniture manufacturers will not produce children's furniture that meets the old standards from May. Many merchants want to clean up some of the furniture stocks that meet the old standards before the implementation of the new national standard in August, thus causing the price to fall.

After the listing of children's furniture that meets the new national standard, will the price rise? In the interview, many well-known domestic furniture brands in Fuzhou said that, in general, the price of children's furniture after the implementation of the new national standard will be higher than the old standard furniture. As the standard has increased, production costs have also increased. However, with the new standard furniture mass production, the price will fall back. Some first-line children's furniture brands, the production standards refer to European standards, and are more stringent than the new national standard, so the price will not change greatly.

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