Masters teach home Feng Shui knowledge indoor decoration 5 feng shui taboo

Interior decoration is a very complicated process, and Feng Shui knowledge is closely related to the house. It has arranged for the five feng shui taboos for interior decoration for the reference of the decoration owners.


1, porch avoid glass

The porch is in the family, like the throat to the human body, and its feng shui effect is very important. In order to most effectively exert the feng shui effect of the porch, we must pay attention to the various taboos of the components of the porch in the wind and water.


2, the ceiling is not cumbersome

The porch ceiling should not be low: if the ceiling of the entrance is too low and has a sense of oppression, this is a bad sign in the wind and water, which symbolizes that the family is under pressure and is difficult to make a difference. In addition, the walls of the entrance should be solid and virtual: in the face of the entrance of the gate, the lower part should be solid and solid, and the upper part can be decorated with glass to make it transparent. . It must be noted that mirror glass cannot be used, and mirrors that are reflected are usually not facing the gate because the wealth in the home will be reflected.

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