5 color ceilings recommended for decorating the magic space

Section 1: Bioomingyard

The original ecological feeling of wood grain, combined with the beautiful printing pattern, is gentle and soothing, bright and elegant, and the outline of silver metal is in the details, injecting a spirit of vitality. Join and add warmth.

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Xing Libao Ceiling One Kitchen Two Bathrooms Deluxe Package  

The market price is 7999.00 yuan / set in Qijia mall price 1688 yuan / set

Recommended reason: This package is a luxury electrical configuration of Xinglibao integrated ceiling series, which combines high quality, high cost performance and high practicality in one! Integrated installation of kitchen appliances, ceilings, and any combination of colors and modules, giving you the highest DIY personality enjoyment!

The second floral style Floralamorous

The flowers and leaves blooming on the branches bring the rich and fragrant fragrance of the garden. The pattern design is stretched and beautiful, and it blooms in the attitude of the wind, making the whole home have a light Zen.

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Xinfei Integrated Ceiling, One Kitchen and One Bathroom (Rural Style Modern and Simple) Special Package

Market price 3279.00 yuan / set Promotion price 1184.00 yuan / set

Recommended reason: matching 8 square Su embroidered buckle plate, has all the advantages of roll-coated nanoplates, high-performance roll-coated processing technology, effectively control the accuracy and flatness of the plate. The colors are gorgeous and durable. Now the Xinfei integrated ceiling package is set to upgrade a LED light guide plate with the highest price in the market for free.

The third Nano Basque Country Basque Remotecountryside

Galloping in the countryside, breeze, flowers, free, wild, only yourself at this time, enjoy this romantic moment.

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New flying ceiling explosion-proof double spiral carbon fiber air heating package

Market price 4629.00 yuan / set Promotion price 988.00 yuan / set

Recommended reason: This package of supporting plate products uses three high-quality coatings. After drying and curing, the board surface is subjected to high-performance nano-processing, which truly functions as oil reduction and easy cleaning. It is the perfect choice for kitchen ceiling!

The fourth section Willow Qingqing GreenWillow

That touch of freshness, that touch of beauty, will make your home happy, and the buckle series will make the ceiling more concave and convex.

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Xinglibao Ceiling Pearlescent Film Strip Series

Market price 208.00 yuan / m2 Mall price 78.00 yuan / m2

Recommended reason: the product width has three widths of 150 (15cm), 125 (12.5cm), 100 (10cm); each width specification has multiple colors to choose from, and can be combined and matched at will, creating a rich sense of color Ceiling effect.

Fifth Rose Manor

The nightingale sings on the fragrant rose branches, listens gently, and is under the rose. It is in a good mood, elegant, fragrant, blooming and burning, making your kitchen and bathroom space full of romantic colors. You can see different reflective colors from different angles Extremely gorgeous.

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One-top, one-kitchen, one-bath, high-efficiency, dual-heat, multi-control Yuba package

Market price 5216.00 yuan / set Promotion price 3200.00 yuan / set

Reasons for recommendation: Five advantages of this package product: 1. Corrosion resistance, good chemical stability; 2. Fouling resistant, easy to clean and easy to maintain; 3. Natural and realistic color, stable and no color difference; 4. Green environmental protection, high quality raw materials; 5. Beautiful market, leading global kitchen and bathroom fashion

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