Early spring maintenance has a coup high-efficiency lotion recommended

Today Xiaobian introduces you to a high-performance lotion, which has a special lotion, not only has the moisturizing ingredients of ordinary lotion, but actually the high-performance lotion also has the effect of nourishing the skin. Compared with the dry autumn and winter seasons, the high-performance lotion with the essence is actually more effective in repairing the skin.

1. Introduction: The principle of beauty permeate introduced by other brands is the same. The high-performance lotion softens the skin keratin, and it has the effect of promoting the absorption capacity of subsequent products while replenishing moisture.

2, Almighty: thicker than the general lotion, not only contains water, oil, moisturizer and active ingredients, but also can be used as a thick emulsion to moisturize the skin.

3, repair: high performance lotion is not only the effect of moisturizing and cleansing the skin horniness, nourishing, anti-oxidation , whitening, repair and other effects have also been played to the fullest.

Although the nutrient-rich high-performance lotion is classified as a lotion, in fact, if it is covered too much at a time, the absorption effect is not satisfactory. Therefore, in the actual operation of the use, it is necessary to use a cotton-padded product to press and wipe the skin, so that the molecular substance can enter the muscle bottom, and truly achieve the "high performance" skin care effect.

Steps: Choose a soft cotton pad, pour high-performance lotion into it, use about 5 cents, then slowly wipe along the forehead, chin, cheeks, nose and dead skin. If you feel the amount of use If it is not enough, you can repeat the operation of the skin once enough.

Early spring maintenance has a coup

Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Water

Condensed and rich in texture, it contains excellent anti-oxidant essence, quickly removes fatigue and turbidity, injects abundant and fresh energy into the skin source, awakens bright skin tone, and the skin is naturally fresh and overflowing, and it is full of moisture and freshness. "Pulverized sacred product" red pomegranate, containing pomegranate polyphenols and anthocyanins, two excellent anti-oxidant star ingredients, remove free radicals from pollution, and protect the skin from external stimuli. The exclusive Living Food diet extracts the essence of red pomegranate turbidity, ensuring that each pomegranate has the same fresh energy and excellent turbidity.

Early spring maintenance has a coup

Yuemu source youth invincible conditioning function water

Lightweight texture, pat on the face without a trace of burden and sticky conditioning function water, can DR.WEIL youthful mushroom complex and sacred basil, ginger, turmeric and other precious herbal extracts, quickly penetrate into the skin layer Instant moisturizing, calming and soothing the skin is the first step to improve the skin's self-healing power.

Add exclusive youthful and invulnerable mushroom compound to strengthen skin's self-healing power, eliminate skin inflammation and inflammation, and improve skin problems such as fine lines, redness, sensitivity, dryness and roughness, and adjust the real healthy skin from the inside out. quality.

Warming promotes blood circulation

Compared with the relatively thin and light Japanese high-performance lotion, it can massage the skin and promote blood circulation by warming with the palm of your hand. In fact, it also improves the dullness of the skin during the process of moisturizing the skin. .

Steps: Pour the high-performance lotion into the palm of your hand, then gently pat the cheeks, then pat the remaining high-performance lotion on the corners of the mouth, then apply the lotion to the nose, and then gently press with the warm palm For facial skin, make sure the lotion is completely absorbed.

Early spring maintenance has a coup

Wet compress high performance mask

The high-performance lotion is actually a thinner and more concentrated, so the use of high-performance lotion can achieve the same effect as the mask. If you feel that the high-performance lotion is too wasteful, you can choose to evaluate the use of high-performance lotion.

Operation steps: Dip a cheap lotion on a paper mask or cotton pad. Do not use more than the amount of infiltrated cotton pad, and then add high-performance lotion. This way of applying the face will make the makeup look more convincing the next day.

Early spring maintenance has a coup

HABA g lotion moisturizing toner

It is a kind of toner that has both hydrating and calming soothing effects. The water that allows the skin to “drink” directly can be applied directly to the skin without using a cotton pad. A refreshing, non-greasy feel for any skin, suitable for any season.

Early spring maintenance has a coup

KOSE Snow Muscle Lotion

Rich in Chinese herbal extracts such as coix seed, angelica, licorice, etc., it has excellent whitening and moisturizing effect, can prevent dark spots and freckles formed by sun exposure, make skin gradually white as snow, improve skin dullness and prevent pigmentation Phenomenon, improve skin's moisturizing function, make skin tone brighter and more white. >>> Make the best use of skin care products

Early spring maintenance has a coup

Kiehl's Calendula Plant Lotion

In this non-alcoholic Kelly's Calendula plant revitalizing water, it is added with natural calendula ingredients, which can gently cleanse and soothe oily skin and balance the skin's oil. It is suitable for oily skin and acne. Combination skin helps to heal acne scars and improve inflammation caused by acne.


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