Spatial Consciousness in Sales Packaging Design (3)

Never to be seen again, the spatial view of heaven and earth

"Zhou Yi Tai Xiang Chuan" said: "everything, heaven and earth too." "Pipe" said: "Zhou together, that is, Zhou Heyu also. The rotation of the uranium and Yu, then there is Yu, Yu In the Middle Ages, "these are the ancients' accounts of space and time, that is, the ancients believed that there was time in space and space in time, which was not related to the time and space in Western Newton's absolute space-time view. This is a combination of time and space. Space concept. The concept of time and space in Chinese language and culture is different from the "before" and "after" in the table time and table space in English. The "before" and "after" in Chinese mean both spatial and temporal relationships. . Therefore, the ancients did not understand the space from the static but from the dynamic, and gained space awareness.

Then, how can the dynamics and timeliness of packaging space be understood? We can find the answers from three legends. Figure 5 is a food packaging box. The ingenious aspect of this design is that it presents two different spatial patterns in the process of transporting goods and their own transportation. When used, a space is contained by folding and the flattening spreads out into a plane during the transportation process before use. Compared with other four-side closed food packaging boxes, the space for storing and transporting the packaging box is saved, and not only the cost is reduced. , And easy to use. Figure 6 is a cigarette package with an Aluminum Foil ashtray designed by the Japanese designer Da Guanzhuo. People talk about this package from the perspective of humanity and environmental protection. From a creative point of view, the original intention of the designer or the original idea came from the fact that he was not satisfied with the design of a cigarette packaging space with accommodation and protection functions. Instead, he saw the inconvenience of the user in the process of using it. s work. Figure 7 is a bottle designed by the American Ai Jimi company. Considering that it is not treated as garbage after use, the protruding bottle mouth of each bottle can be embedded in another depression. After the bottle is used, it passes through the adhesive. A variety of uses, such as children's toys, furniture, storage racks and so on. From the above examples, it can be seen that the success of packaging design lies in the fact that time is taken into account in the conception of packaging space, and the unity of time and space is emphasized.

Figure 5

Figure 6

(to be continued)

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