Grinding process common failure analysis - easy to break or fade

5. Easy to break or fade after polishing

(1) Symptoms The substrate itself is brittle; the varnish is too thick, or the varnish layer is not flexible, or the thickening of the base oil is added; the resin in the varnish system is too hard (or the softening point is too high) , Poor flexibility; Substrate moisture content is too little, too dry; Infrared or ultraviolet light source is too strong, excessive exposure; Indentation, die cutting, punching, stamping, ginning heavy.

(2) The solution is to select the substrate with good toughness and not easily broken; control the coating amount of the coating or base oil, or add the appropriate amount of toughening resin additives in the coating oil system; change the softening point (or Melting point) a high toughness resin as a coating material for the varnish; replacing the substrate containing a certain amount of water; adjusting the intensity of the light reflection (exposure) of the infrared or ultraviolet light source; grasping all the links in the post-processing process, ie Substrate thickness compatible with the post-glazing processing technology.


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